General rental conditions - Le Boat

Please find the general rental conditions of Le Boat, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Carcassonne 11 under no.310784434 with registered office at 11400 CASTEL NAUDARY.

These conditions apply to the following boats: Corvette B, Magnifique, Corvette A, Continentale, Elegance, Caprice, Clipper, Calypso, Cirrus A, Tango, Cirrus B, Royal Classique, Grand Classique, Consul, Countess, Crusader, Classique, Classique Star, Salsa A, Sheba, Royal Mystique A, Shannon Star, Royal Star WHS, Mountain Star, Lake Star, Town Star, Braemore WHS, Mystique, Vision 2, Vision 3, Vision 4, Vision 3 Master, Vision 3 SL, Vision 4 SL, Salsa B 12 P, Horizon 1, Horizon 2, Horizon 3, Horizon 4, Royal Mystique B, Horizon 5, Curlew WHS, Cygnet WHS, Kingfisher WHS, Horizon 1 PLUS, Horizon 2 PLUS, Horizon 3 PLUS, Horizon 4 PLUS, Horizon 5 PLUS.

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Updated: 03 October 2022

Key points:

Our terms and conditions will apply in full from the time at which we send a Booking Confirmation.

If you then cancel, there will be cancellation charges. Initially this may only be a deposit, but can go up to100%.

You can make changes to your booking in certain circumstances. We make a charge for this. We canchange and cancel your booking.

We are responsible to you for providing your holiday but there are legal limits.

Adequate and valid travel insurance is compulsory for all our travellers and it is a condition of acceptingyour booking that you agree you will have obtained adequate and valid travel insurance. For certaindomestic travel see clause 3f of these terms and conditions. We recommend you take out insuranceas soon as your booking is confirmed.

Please read the full terms below for more information and for other important rights and obligations.

1. Our details

If you reside in France and youR booked charter arrangements are operated within France, your booking iswith:

CROWN BLUE LINE Ltd, a private limited company, trading as Le Boat, registered in the CarcassonneTrade and Companies Register with number: 775 750 763 and registered address at: Le Grand Bassin - 11400 Castelnaudary, France, (hereinafter called “Le Boat”, “we”, “us”, the “Company” or “our”)


PORTER AND HAYLETT LTD (Connoisseur), a private limited company, registered in the Narbonne Tradeand Companies Register with number: 326 495 611.

If your booked charter arrangements are operated within Ireland, your booking is with:

EMERALD STAR LTD, a private limited company, trading as Le Boat or Emerald Star, with registerednumber: 29035 registered address at: 1 Stokes Place, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, Republic ofIreland(hereinafter called “Le Boat”, “we”, “us”, the “Company” or “our”)

If neither of the above apply, your booking is with:

CROWN TRAVEL LIMITED, a private limited company, trading as Le Boat, with registered number: 02095375 and registered address at: 2nd Floor, Origin One, 108 High Street, Crawley, West Sussex RH101BD , United Kingdom (hereinafter called “Le Boat”, “we”, “us”, the “Company” or “our”).

2. Your holiday booking

a.As you are booking arrangements other than a package holiday, the arrangements will not be financiallyprotected.

b.To make a booking you can contact us in several ways; directly over the telephone, via our website (“Website”) or through an approved travel agent.

c.The minimum number of people required to hire and to be on board a boat is 2 adults, or 3 adults on ourVision boats. An “adult” is defined as someone who is 18 years old or over (or 21 years old and over inIreland and Canada). For easier handling in locks and when mooring we recommend at least three adults onall our larger boats, greater than 12m in length. The number of passengers on board may not exceed themaximum amount of passengers the boat is licensed for.

d.A booking is made, and our terms and conditions apply in full, from the time at which we send a BookingConfirmation. The person making the booking (the “lead name” or the “Hirer”) must be 18 years old or overand when you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf ofyour party the terms of these booking conditions. We may transfer your booking to another company in ourgroup, but this will have no effect on your holiday arrangements.

e.Whether you book alone or as a group, we will only deal with the lead name in all subsequentcorrespondence, including notifications of changes, amendments and cancellations. The lead name isresponsible for ensuring the accuracy of the personal details or any other information supplied about anyperson travelling, in relation to the booking, and for passing on any information regarding the booking or anychanges made in relation thereto, to all persons travelling on such booking, including but not limited toinformation on schedule changes or copies of booking confirmations.

f.When you receive the Booking Confirmation, if there is an obvious error we reserve the right to correct itas soon as we become aware of it, but will do this within 7 days of issuing the Booking Confirmation or, ifyour departure is within 7 days, no later than 24 hours before you go. The Booking Confirmation will beemailed to you (to the address given to us by the lead name at the time of booking) and will not be issuedunless payment of the due balance has been received.

g.For those holidays where an additional local payment is required this will be confirmed to you. A localpayment is a portion of the holiday cost which must be paid directly to the local representative as instructed. If the price of your holiday includes a local payment this must be paid in the currency specified. Please notethat your holiday price will not be considered to have been paid in full until the local payment has beenmade. Tourist taxes, resort fees or similar that are charged locally may be implemented or changed withoutprior warning. We do not accept responsibility for these costs, which must be paid by you and are notincluded within your holiday price.

h.Your personal safety is of paramount importance to us and therefore it is imperative that you advise us atthe time of booking of any condition, medical or otherwise, that might affect your or other people’senjoyment of the trip. This should include, but not be limited to, any special dietary requirements, allergiesand any reduced mobility affecting you or members of your booking. Please contact us by email to discuss any such requirements.

i.All prices shown in any printed materials are 'from' prices and shown as a guide only. They are accurate atthe date published, but we reserve the right to change any of those prices from time to time. Current andaccurate pricing can be obtained from our website or from our sales teams In the unlikely event of anadministrative error leading to an incorrect price being displayed, we reserve the right to correct it (includingafter a booking has been confirmed). Offers are not combinable unless expressly stated and may bewithdrawn at any time. All quotations are provisional until confirmed in writing on your BookingConfirmation. Before you make a booking we will give you the up-to-date price of your chosen holidayincluding the cost of any supplements, upgrades or additional facilities which you have requested.

j.Extras not booked and paid for at the time of booking are subject to subsequent price increases and extrasbooked and paid for at the base will be charged at the then prevailing prices charged at the base. Certainpayments, as indicated in the pricing information, may be taken locally at the destination base in localcurrency.

3. Paying for Your Holiday and Insurance

a.When you make your booking you must pay a deposit of 50% of the holiday cost. The balance of the priceof your holiday must be paid at least 7 weeks before your departure date. If you are booking within 7 weeksof departure full payment must be made at the time of booking. If the deposit and/or balance is not paid intime, we shall cancel your booking. If the balance is not paid in time we shall retain your deposit and anyother relevant charges.

b.Once a booking has been confirmed, offers and discounts cannot be applied retrospectively

c.If you book through an agent, all contact with you will be via them.

d.You may also be required to pay for any non-transferable and non-refundable items, such as collisiondamage waiver and any other applicable supplements due, at the time of balance and they may be non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

e.We do not accept payments made by Diners, American Express or cheque. We will accept payments bycredit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and by bank transfer.

f.Adequate and valid travel insurance for your chosen itinerary is compulsory for all travellers and it is acondition of accepting your booking that you agree you will have obtained adequate and valid travelinsurance. The exception to this is for domestic travel, where adequate and valid travel insurance is notcompulsory, but we strongly recommend you have cover in place (in particular cover for medical, cancellation, property & personal belongings). For the purposes of this clause “domestic travel” shall beeither (i) travel on a Le Boat holiday in Europe which starts and finishes in your (and all your guests) countryof residence; and/or (ii) travel on a Le Boat holiday which starts and finishes in the EU where you, and yourentire party of guests, are residents of the EU and carry with you all paperwork, cards (including a EuropeanHealth Insurance Card) and/or other information to benefit from the right to reciprocal health care offered byEU Member States. You must satisfy yourselves at such medical care will be sufficient for your needs.

We recommend you take out insurance as soon as your booking is confirmed. You are strongly advised toinsure yourself against any possible risk that may occur and in particular to ensure that you have sufficientinsurance in respect of dependent relatives and force majeure events. You are required to carry proof ofinsurance with you.

4. Security Deposit & Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

a.All Customers are required to pay a Security Deposit on arrival at the base.

b.You will be liable for any damages and costs if it is determined that (i) your boat and/or equipment isreturned damaged; and/or (ii) that there are direct costs associated with an incident during your cruise; and/or(iii) that there is loss or damage caused to property belonging to a 3rd party by your acts or omissions duringyour cruise (a “Third Party Claim”). Subject to paragraph (d) below, in such an event, you will be charged upto the full value of your Security deposit at the base at the end of your holiday.

You remain liable for any Third Party Claim(s) that are brought to our attention following your checkout. Subject to paragraph (d) below, in such an event, we reserve the right to pursue a claim against you up to thefull value of your security deposit.

d.If any damage or loss referred to in clause 4b and 4c is caused as a result of your negligence or recklessconduct you will be liable for the full extent of the loss suffered by Le Boat and if such loss is in excess ofthe value of the Security Deposit, we reserve the right to pursue a claim against you for the full extent of ourloss.

e.Acts that will be considered as negligence or reckless conduct will include, without limitation, cruisingunder the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, not having sufficient crew in charge of the boat at all times, having a person who is not an adult (as defined earlier) driving the boat, absence of the nominated Captain or2nd-in-charge (see 14c), disregard of local navigation rules and navigation limits. f.During the booking process you will be provided with the option of either purchasing Le Boat CollisionDamage Waiver (“CDW”) or paying a higher Security Deposit at the base as set out below. You will not beable to proceed with your booking unless you agree to one of the options and by asking us to confirm yourbooking you are agreeing to comply with the content of this section and make any required payment. If youelect to pay the higher Security Deposit you may change your mind at any point up to departure and purchaseCDW.

g.The Security Deposit will be taken as a pre-authorisation on your credit card, at our base, prior toembarkation. If you fail to provide a payment pre-authorisation, we reserve the right to cancel your bookingwithout further liability and without any right to a refund and you will not be entitled to continue with thecharter. A pre-authorisation means that instead of actually debiting funds from your card, we just put atemporary “hold” on the funds. We therefore recommend that you ensure you have sufficient funds in youraccount.

h.You will be asked to sign a form before embarkation confirming that you fully understand your obligationsin the event of any loss or damage to the boat, ancillary equipment or third party property.

i.On return of the boat to the base following the charter period and following inspection of the boat by ourbase staff, in the event that we are satisfied that there is no apparent damage to the boat on its return fromyou, our base staff will cancel the payment pre-authorisation. Funds will become available in your accountwithin 1-30 days of cancellation of a pre-authorisation depending on each individual banks process. Pleasenote that any monies paid in respect of Collision Damage Waiver are a non-refundable sum to reduce yourSecurity Deposit.

j.If we determine damage, loss or direct costs (as above) we reserve the right to charge up to the full value ofyour Security Deposit. We may use all or part of the value of the Security Deposit paid by you to repair anydamage caused to the boat or its contents during the period of your arrangements, including withoutlimitation the costs involved in lifting the boat for a full inspection to assess the damage to the boat.

k.In the event that the costs associated with losses or damages suffered by us as a result of any breach by youof these booking conditions is less than the value charged to you, we shall refund the balance of the value ofthe Security Deposit paid. This will be refunded as soon as reasonably possible after the damage has beenrepaired or the repair costs have been ascertained. This could take up to six months or longer depending onthe nature of the damage.

l.In the event of any disagreement over damage or loss, we shall retain the full value of the relevant SecurityDeposit paid by you until the matter is resolved.

m.IMPORTANT NOTESi.The Security Deposit is a mandatory requirement and is a condition of your booking. The sum due is set outin the table below.

ii.We recommend that you purchase Le Boat Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) upfront to reduce the value ofthe Security Deposit payable at the base. CDW is an optional item and we reserve the right to change thedaily rate at any time. If you take out CDW when you book our published rates at the time of booking willapply. You may elect to take CDW at any time up to departure but please bear in mind the daily rate can bechange and you will be required to pay the prevailing rate as at the date you choose to take out the CDW. Ourcurrent rates are available at: and will also be made available toyou upon booking.


Full Security Deposit without CDW
payable upon arrival at base

Boat CategoryUKRest of EuropeCanada
Budget£1,8652.250 €CA$3,405
Comfort£2,0702.500 €CA$3,875
Comfort Plus£2,2802.750 €CA$4,160
Premier£2,6953.250 €CA$4,920


Caution réduite (avec Rachat Partiel de Caution)
à déposer sur place le jour du départ

Boat CategoryUKRest of EuropeCanada
Budget£205250 €CA$380
Comfort£290350 €CA$530
Comfort Plus£415500 €CA$755
Premier£620750 €CA$1,135


5. If You Cancel Your Holiday

a.You, or any member of your party, may cancel your travel arrangements at any time. Written notificationby email to from the lead name or your travel agent must be received at our office. Sincewe incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, you will have to pay cancellation charges as follows(see also the exception below):

Period before departure in which you notify usCancellation charge
More than 50 daysDeposit only (50%)
49 days or less100% of total holiday cost

b.Your deposit is non-refundable, even if the cancellation charge calculated is lower than the deposit amountpaid.

c.If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able toreclaim these charges; You will remain responsible for the full amount of your insurance premium and thiswill not be refunded in the event of your cancellation. Please note that certain costs may be refunded shouldyou cancel the entire charter (e.g. Collision Damage Waiver) before cancellation charges are applied.

6. If You Change Your Booking

a.If, after our Booking Confirmation has been issued, you wish to change your travel arrangements in anyway, for example your chosen departure date (in the same cruising season), destination or boat, we will doour utmost to make these changes but it may not always be possible. Any request for changes to be mademust be in writing from the lead name or your travel agent. The price of your holiday may increase ordecrease to reflect the changes requested by you. If the new holiday cost is higher you must pay thedifference. If the new holiday cost is lower then we will give you credit for the difference which you canredeem against pre-booked extras or a future booking. You should be aware that these costs could increasethe closer to the departure date that changes are made and you should contact us as soon as possible. Pleasecheck whether your holiday insurance will cover any changes or increased costs resulting from a change.

b.Unless you have booked and paid for the Holiday Flex Plan (see 6c below) then: (i) you will be asked topay an administration charge of 70 € per booking amendment as well as any further sums in accordance withclause (a) above; and (ii)should you request a major alteration within 7 weeks of departure date (such as, butnot limited to, a change of date or location or boat style) then this will be treated as a cancellation and re-booking and the cancellation charges detailed below shall apply.

c.Holiday Flex Plan: You may choose to purchase our Holiday Flex Plan (except for bookings which departin 2022, for which the Holiday Flex Plan is not available), which entitles you to make, subject to availability, unlimited changes to your departure date (for seasons on sale at the time of the amendment), duration, base, region and boat type, or transfer your booking to another person, for no additional amendment fee. ThisHoliday Flex Plan is subject to the following conditions: (i) Any requested amendment is subject to theprovisions of clause 6a of these terms and conditions; (ii) The Holiday Flex Plan is only available forpurchase at the point you confirm your original booking with Le Boat and up to 7 days after. After this time, it may not be purchased or added to your booking retrospectively; (iii) The Holiday Flex Plan must be paidfor in full at time of purchase and once purchased cannot be cancelled for any reason and no refund or creditnote will be provided even if no amendments to your booking are made; (iv) Amendments made under theterms of this Holiday Flex Plan are not permitted within 14 days of departure (and such requests will betreated as a cancellation as per clause 6b(ii).

d.You can transfer your booking to another person, who satisfies all the conditions that apply to this booking, by giving us notice in writing at least 14 days before departure provided that the new lead passenger acceptsthe transfer and these booking conditions. Both you and the new traveller are responsible for paying all costswe incur in making the transfer. Payment is made by you of an administrative charge of a minimum of 70 € per booking (except for those who have purchased our Holiday Flex Plan) plus payment of all costs chargedor levied by those supplying your travel arrangements.

7. If we cancel your booking

a.We reserve the right to cancel your booking. We will not cancel less than 7 weeks before your departuredate, except for unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, or failure by you to pay the final balance orany reason beyond our control.

b.For the purposes of these terms and conditions “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances” are eventsthat neither we nor the suppliers of any service(s) in question could, even with all due care, foresee or avoidand include, without limitation; war (whether actual or threatened), civil unrest, riot, strife, terrorist activityand/or its consequences or the threat of such activity, health risks, infectious disease, epidemics andpandemics and government measures to combat such outbreaks, riot, the act of any government or othernational or local authority or the act of any river authorities, unforeseeable technical problems with locksand/or river facilities & equipment or travel restrictions imposed by any government, regulatory authority orother third party; industrial dispute, sanctions, lock and/or waterway closure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, adverse weather conditions, volcanic eruption, chemical or biological disaster and all similar eventsoutside our or the concerned supplier’s control.

c.If we are forced to cancel your charter after departure we will, wherever possible, make suitable alternativearrangements. If we are unable to make such alternative arrangements, or you reject these for good reasonthen we will return you to your point of departure and refund you for any unused services, if appropriate.

d.If your holiday is cancelled you can either have a refund of all monies paid or accept an alternative holidayof comparable standard from us if we offer one (we will refund any price difference if the alternative is of alower value).

e.In the event a refund is paid to you, we will:

i.provide a full refund of your travel insurance premiums if you paid them to us and can show that you areunable to transfer or reuse your policy. compensation as detailed below except where the cancellation is due to unavoidable and extraordinarycircumstances (as defined in clause 7).

Period before departure in which we notify youAmount per boat you will receive from us
More than 77 daysNil
Between 77 and 43 days20 €
Between 42 and 15 days40 €
Less than 14 days80 €

This table does not preclude you claiming more if you are legally entitled to do so.

8. If we change your booking

a.It is a term of your booking that we are able to make changes to any aspect of your booking. If the changeis insignificant, we will ensure that we provide you or your travel agent with the right information about thechange at the earliest possible opportunity. We strongly recommend that the travel arrangements you make toand from your specific start or end base are refundable or incur no penalties to change as we reserve the rightto change your start and end base, sometimes at late notice. If you make such arrangements which you arethen unable to use due to a change in your itinerary we shall not be liable to you for the cost of thosearrangements.

b.Major changes: If we are forced by circumstances beyond our control (see clause 7b) to alter significantlyany of the main characteristics of the booking you will have the rights set out below. Whether a change is‘major’ depends on the nature of the charter and may include: change of cruising region, change of departuredate and change of boat to a lesser model.

c.We will contact you and you will have the choice of accepting the change or having a refund of all moniespaid. You can also accept an alternative holiday, where we offer one (we will refund any price difference ifthe alternative is of a lower value). We will tell you the procedure for making your choice. Please read anynotification of changes carefully and respond promptly as if you do not respond to us within the timescalegiven your booking may be cancelled.

d.If you choose to accept a refund:

i.we will provide a full refund of your travel insurance premiums if you paid them to us and can show thatyou are unable to transfer or reuse your policy.

ii.we will pay compensation as detailed below except where the significant change is due to unavoidable andextraordinary circumstances (see clause 7), which means a situation beyond our control, the consequences ofwhich could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

iii.The compensation that we offer does not exclude you from claiming more if you are entitled to do so.

Period before departure in which we notify youAmount per boat you will receive from us
More than 77 days0 €
Between 77 and 43 days20 €
Between 42 and 15 days40 €
Less than 14 days80 €

9. Our Liability to You

a.Our obligations, and those of our suppliers providing any service or facility included in your charter, are totake reasonable skill and care to arrange for the provision of such services and facilities.

b.You must inform us without undue delay of any failure to perform or improper performance of the servicesincluded in this holiday. If any of the services included in your holiday are not performed in accordance with these booking conditions, or are improperly performed, by us or the service suppliers, and this has affectedthe enjoyment of your travel arrangements, you may be entitled to an appropriate price reduction orcompensation or both. We will not be liable where any failure to perform or improper performance of thetravel services is due to (i) you or another member of your party; and/or (ii) a third party unconnected withthe provision of the travel services in the holiday and is unforeseeable or unavoidable; and/or (iii) unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances; and/or (iv) if you or another member of your party is found tohave put themselves at risk, been negligent, been under the influence of alcohol or any other substances orbehaved in a reckless manner; and/or (v) the criminal acts of suppliers and/or their employees, sub-contractors or agents.

c.Our liability, except in cases involving death, injury or illness, shall be limited to a maximum of three timesthe cost of your travel arrangements. Our liability will also be limited in accordance with and/or in anidentical manner to the following:

i.You agree that any transport company’s (or other supplier’s) own ‘Conditions of Carriage’ will apply to youon any journey by road, where organised or arranged by us. When arranging this transportation for you, werely on the terms and conditions contained within these international conventions and those ‘Conditions ofCarriage'. You acknowledge that all of these terms and conditions form part of your contract with us as wellas with the transport company. You can ask us or the travel agent booking your holiday to provide you with acopy of any of the conditions applicable to your journey.

ii.Any relevant international conventions which limit the amount of and conditions under whichcompensation can be claimed for death, injury, delay to passengers and loss, damage and delay to luggage. We are to be regarded as having all benefit of any limitation of the extent of or the conditions under whichcompensation is to be paid under these or any conventions. You can ask for copies of the travel servicecontractual terms, or the international conventions, from our Customer Services Department

d.Standards of, for example, safety, hygiene and quality vary throughout the transport and destinations thatyour charter may involve. Sometimes these standards will be lower than those which would be expected inyour own country of residence. The suppliers of the services and facilities included in your holiday shouldcomply with local standards where they are provided.

e.In the event medical care becomes necessary on your trip, you may be hours travel by water, or other non- vehicular transportation from any medical facility. The medical facility you may be treated in may not havethe same standards as hospitals or doctor’s offices in your home country. The medical personnel you will betreated by may not speak fluent English and have the same training as medical personnel in your homecountry. You further acknowledge that an emergency evacuation may be unavailable, expensive and delayedat your boat's location, and that the medical facilities and attention available aboard the boat are limited. Decisions are made by our staff based on a variety of perceptions and evaluations of the situation at hand. You understand and agree to abide by these decisions.

f.This entire clause does not apply to any separate contracts that you may enter into for excursions oractivities whilst on holiday for which liability rests with the excursion provider and not us.

10. Complaints and Assistance

a.If you have a complaint about any of the products or services included in your holiday and/or needassistance whilst away, you must notify our local base without undue delay who will try to put things right. Ifit is not resolved locally, please follow this up within 28 days of your return home by writing to ourCustomer Services Department at or your travel agent giving your bookingreference and all other relevant information. If you have a complaint about the holiday, you must still take allreasonable steps to minimise the disruption to your enjoyment of the holiday. This is called ‘mitigation ofloss’. Your claim may not succeed or you may not receive compensation if you didn’t complain as soon aspossible (on the spot) and give us every reasonable opportunity to put things right, within a reasonable timeframe, or if you didn’t accept any reasonable attempts by us to sort out the problem at the time. b.Le Boat has a breakdown service during normal working hours every day of the week. We will endeavourto attend and repair a breakdown or technical incident as quickly as possible. The Hirer will have no claimagainst Le Boat for any failure caused by the Hirer including but not limited to grounding, and in suchinstances the company will reserve the right to recover from the Hirer the expenses incurred in rectifying thematter.

11. Additional assistance

If you’re in difficulty whilst on holiday and ask us to help we will provide appropriate assistance, inparticular by providing information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance; and helpingyou to find alternative arrangements and any necessary phone calls/emails. You must pay any costs we incur, if the situation is your fault and/or caused by your negligence.

12. Passport, Visa, Health, Travel and Immigration Requirements

a.Your specific passport and visa requirements, and other immigration requirements are your responsibilityand you should confirm these with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. We do not accept anyresponsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigrationrequirements.

b.We are able to advise on mandatory health requirements; however, we are not medical experts. It is yourresponsibility to ensure that you obtain proper and detailed medical advice at least 2 months prior to travelfor the latest health requirements, recommendations for your destination and any costs. You should checkthis information at least 2 months before departure and again within 14 days of travel. Where you do not doso and either are not allowed to enter any country, or suffer personal injury or death as a result, we have noliability to you for any cost, loss or damage which you suffer nor will we refund you the cost of any unusedportion of your travel arrangements. Clients with existing medical problems, pregnant women and anyonewho has recently visited other countries should check requirements with their general practitioner.

c.When assessing whether holidays will operate we use information from our local offices in conjunctionwith advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and other relevantgovernment bodies. It is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with the travel advice provided by thesegovernment bodies.

13. Conduct

a.We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a customer or continue dealing with you if we, or anotherperson in authority, believe your behavior is disruptive, causes unnecessary inconvenience, is threatening orabusive, you damage property, you upset, annoy, disturb, or put our staff or agents or other customers in anyrisk or danger, on the telephone, in writing or in person.

b.If the base manager or any of our resort staff or agents believes that you could be disruptive or that you aresuffering from a contagious disease, they can also refuse to let you take your boat.

c.If you are disruptive and prevented from boarding, we will treat your booking as cancelled by you fromthat moment, and you will have to pay full cancellation charges (see clause 5). We will not be liable for anyrefund, or compensation or any costs or expenses you incur.

d.As a result of your behaviour during any stage of your holiday, we reserve the right to make a claim againstyou for any damages, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) incurred as a result, including but notlimited to (i) cleaning, repairing or replacing property lost, damaged or destroyed by you, (ii) compensatingother customers, staff or agent affected by your actions Criminal proceedings may also be instigated.

e.You are not permitted to sail/cruise on your boat during the hours of darkness (which shall run from thestart of sunset to sunrise).

f.You must conform to the rules of river navigation, and also the instruction given by the company and theriver authorities. Applicable speed limits for each region will be advised locally and must be observed at alltimes. You shall restrict your cruising to those waters permitted by the Company, nor engage in towing, subhiring or lending of the boat.

g.Any boat or other accommodation we arrange for you must only be used by those people named on yourConfirmation Invoice or on latest amendment invoice issued. You are not allowed to share the boat or letanyone else stay on board. In accordance with clause 4 you are responsible for the cost of any damagecaused to your boat or its contents during your stay. These charges must be met by you and may have to bepaid locally.

h.For the purposes of this section reference to “you” or “your” includes any other person in your party.

14. Special Requests and Participation Requirements

a.So that way may fully prepare and provide a safe and comfortable experience, it is important we obtainsome information from you about your arrival, and establish who, and how many passengers, will be onboard the boat you hire. We collect this information by way of an online ‘Guest Information’ form which allhirers are required to complete. Should this form not be completed prior to your arrival, this could delay youfrom accessing your boat. You will not be permitted to depart until this information has been received.

b.All customers are expected to satisfy themselves prior to booking that they are fit and able to complete theroute of their chosen charter as booked.

c.You must nominate a Captain and a 2nd-in-charge, who must both be an adult (as defined earlier) and whowill be responsible for the safety of everyone on board. The captain and 2nd-in-charge will receive a pre- departure briefing prior to setting off, to ensure they are confident and competent to safely and capablynavigate and manoeuvre the boat. Should our management team have cause to believe that safe andcompetent navigation will not be possible, after the provision of adequate instruction & practical guidance,your party will not be permitted to leave the dockside.

d.We will consider special requests when you book. We will tell you whether there is a charge for the requestand/or whether we can satisfy the same. We can only guarantee requests for which there is a charge, or thosethat are confirmed in writing. It is your responsibility to advise us of any special requirements. We regret wecannot accept any booking which is conditional upon the fulfilment of a particular request.

e.Anyone suffering from mobility impairment, illness or disability or undergoing treatment for any physicalor medical condition must declare the true nature of such condition at the time of booking and makearrangements for the provision of any medication or other treatment which may be required during thecharter. Failure to make such disclosure will constitute a breach of these booking conditions and result insuch persons being excluded from the charter, in which case no monies will be refunded.

f.Anyone requiring the use of electrical CPAP equipment should inform Le Boat staff accordingly at the timeof booking and should be aware that suitable power may not always be available to run the CPAP machine.

g.For safety reasons, oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators are not permitted on board. Failure to disclosethe need for oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators to Le Boat staff at the time of booking will constitute abreach of these booking conditions and will result in the persons reliant on them being excluded from thecharter, in which case no monies will be refunded.

15. Accidents and Loss/Damage of Equipment

a.If the boat is involved in an accident of any nature, including any damage or injury incurred to third parties, the Hirer must immediately contact the base and complete an accident report form and ask any other partyinvolved to complete the same form. The Hirer will not ask for any repairs to be carried out without LeBoat’s agreement.

b.On arrival, the Hirer will be asked to check the boat for external signs of damage and indicate these areason a separate form. Should any equipment be lost, stolen or broken, the Hirer must report this on return ofthe boat. A separate fee for certain items lost or damaged will be charged. This must be paid for locally andin local currency. Such items include, but are not limited to: gangplank, TV/DVD remote controls, mallet, pegs, parasol, outdoor table and chairs.

16. Check-in, Cruising Routes, Navigational Restrictions

a.Check-in: For standard check-in, you should arrive at your start base from 14:00 on your start day. For anadditional fee(s), and subject to operational constraints, early check-in (for which you may arrive from11:00) can be pre-booked and will be detailed on your Booking Confirmation. We try to stagger exact arrivaltimes in line with daily volume to enable us to get you settled on board as quickly as possible after youarrive. As such, you should indicate your preferred arrival time when you complete your ‘Guest Information’form and our base team will try to call you sometime in the week prior to your departure to agree with youwhen you should aim to arrive. We ask that you stick as closely to your agreed arrival time as possible.

b.After you arrive, we'll need to spend some time with you completing the check in processes and pre- departure briefing, so you won't be able to leave the dockside straight away. In fact most customers will beunable to leave until early evening or, in some cases, the following morning. There may also beunforeseeable issues that can cause unexpected delays.

c. Cruising route: For operational reasons, the Company reserves the right to change the direction of yourone-way cruise; to make a one-way cruise a return-to-base cruise and to make a return-to-base cruise a one- way cruise. Such changes may be required at late notice. These changes will not entitle the Hirer to cancelwith a refund or compensation.

d. On arrival at your start base, you will receive detailed cruising information for your region, clearly statingwhich waterways are navigable and which are prohibited or restricted. The base team will also advise on anyspecific routes which are prohibited or restricted, or procedures falling under the control of InlandWaterways Authorities for your cruising area. Compensation as a result of technical failure (see clause 9b) does not apply if cruising in areas that are prohibited or restricted. Customers who require assistance(towing/haulage) as a result of cruising in prohibited/restricted areas will incur an additional charge, payablelocally in local currency.

e.The locks are closed on some public holidays, (e.g. 1st May, 1st November and 14th July) in most of ourcruising regions. For more information, please contact our team.

f. Any suggested itineraries we outline must be taken as an indication of what could be accomplished, andnot as a contractual obligation on our part. Changes in itinerary may be caused by local political conditions, mechanical breakdown, weather, border restrictions, sickness, or other circumstances. Timings provided withsuggested itineraries are estimates only. These timings may be affected by operational difficulties or weatherconditions. These timings may be affected by operational difficulties or weather conditions.

17. Other costs while you cruise

Any services you use while away from our base, such as mooring fees, shore power, marina facilities and/orfresh water and pump out services must be paid at your own expense.

18. Boat descriptions & fleet availability

Boat layout plans, specifications and illustrations in the brochure are for general guidance. Some modelswithin boat categories have minor variations. Fleet availability/boat models for each cruisingsuggestion/cruising region is correct at time of going to press but is subject to change without notice.

19. Return of the Boat / Cleaning Service

a.The boat must be returned, and you must be ready to disembark by 09:00 on your final day at the correctbase. For an additional fee(s), and subject to operational constraints, late check-out can be pre-booked, whichmeans you can return your boat and disembark by 12midday instead. This will be detailed on your BookingConfirmation.

b.Failure to return the boat to the correct base, at the agreed checkout time, without evidence of our prioragreement, will incur will incur a late return / abandonment fee of £700 (in UK) / €1,000 (in the rest ofEurope) and CA$1,500 (in Canada).

c.All customers must return the boat in a reasonably clean state with the following completed: i) Wash andput away all crockery, utensils, etc. ii) Bag and tie all rubbish and remove from the boat. iii) Strip beds andplace linen in laundry bins at base. iv) Clean all counter-tops and work surfaces. v) Sweep all internal floors. vi) Clean the bathrooms and toilets. vii) Mop the exterior decks. If the boat is left in an unsatisfactory condition, the boat’s cleaning fee will be charged to the customer.

d.Cleaning service: For an additional fee we will take care of the final cleaning of your boat. In this case allyou are asked to do is to return the boat in a reasonably tidy state with only tasks i, ii and iii completed, asdetailed above.

e.To allow for additional cleaning, a €60 supplement per pet is charged to take a maximum of two pets onboard our boats. You are required to bring a basket/blanket for pets to sleep on and to refrain from lettingpets lie on bedding or settees. Please do not leave pets unattended on your boat. If despite paying the petcleaning supplement the base manager feels extra cleaning is required on the return of your boat, you will beasked to pay an additional boat cleaning fee.

20. Engine hours and Engine Hours deposit

a.The Engine Hour charge covers the cost of diesel for navigation and heating, gas and engine wear and tearand is calculated on a ‘per hour’ basis. The price is per engine hour used and varies depending on boat, region and fluctuations in diesel prices. Price fluctuations may be more significant than usual if there areunavoidable or extraordinary circumstances (see clause 7b) which affect elements of our Engine Hourscharges i.e. market rates of diesel.

b.The hourly charge is estimated to be between £12-£23 / €12-€30 / CA$23-CA$33 depending on boat typeand usage. However, this figure is an estimate only. Engine Hour is payable in local currency. In all regions, Le Boat charges for engine hours according to the amount of hours the engine has been running. At the startof your cruise, you will be informed how much the hourly charge will be and the current engine hours onyour boat will be agreed and recorded with you.

c.At the start of your cruise your boat will have a full tank of fuel. Before departing the base you will berequired to leave an Engine Hour Deposit, payable locally in local currency as per below. At the end of yourcruise, you will either pay a supplement to cover the amount of engine hours actually used, or you will bedue a refund if your actual consumption is less than the deposit paid.

 Engine Hours Deposit payable upon arrival at the base
Cruise durationRest of EuropeUKCanada
Up to 4 nights230 €240 £275 CA$
for 5 - 6 nights280 €280 £280 CA$
for 7 -10 nights350 €350 £450 CA$
for 11 to 14 nights450 €450 £700 CA$
for 15 nights and more550 €500 £750 CA$

21. Car Transfers

a.Le Boat staff are insured to transfer cars between bases in all cruising regions where we have two or morebases (except Germany, Holland and Canada). We are unable to transfer cars heavier than 3.5 tones, carspulling trailers or caravans, campervans, motorcycles or red license plates. Car transfers are available for acharge, must be pre-booked before departure and are subject to availability.

b.Our base teams can transfer hire/lease cars, but you should check with your hire/leasing company first asthe terms of your agreement may not permit this. If it is permitted, your hire/leasing company may chargeyou extra to add a member of our base team as a named driver. For operational reasons, we may not knowthe name of the driver until the week of your departure.

22. Data Protection

We will use and process your data in accordance with our privacy policy which be found

23. Excursions and Activities

Excursions or other tours that you may choose to book or pay for whilst you are on holiday are not part ofyour holiday provided by us. For any excursion or other tour that you book, your contract will be with theoperator of the excursion or tour and not with us. We are not responsible for the provision of the excursion ortour or for anything that happens during the course of its provision by the operator.

24. Travel Agents

All monies you pay to the travel agent are held by him on our behalf at all times.

25. Law and jurisdiction

The law applicable to this contract should be the law of the country of origin of the contract partnermentioned in your contract and the courts of that country shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claimarising out of such contract.

26. Coronavirus Terms

Please be aware that we have introduced policies, procedures and requirements in response to theCoronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, which include measures we are implementing and procedures we requireour customers to follow. This information can be found within our Covid Safety Charter which can beviewed at It is a requirement of your booking that you familiarise yourself with this information and ensure you comply with any requirements. Please note thatthis will be regularly reviewed and updated and you should ensure you check the latest information beforeyour departure.