The waterways

We can offer house-boats for rent throughout Europe. In order to discover the different waterways, follow the links below.


France is of course the paradise of river tourism. With its many waterways from major rivers (Loire, Seine, ...) to internationally known canals (Canal du Midi, Canal de Bourgogne, ...) through many more confidential rivers (Lot, Doubs, Mayenne, ...), there is something for every taste.

River tourism is an invitation to explore the regions crossed in details (history, gastronomy, culture, architecture…), so France has a lot to offer to boaters who want to discover, aboard a license free house boat.


Civilization has always developed along the waterways.
River tourism is therefore one of the best ways to visit the most important cities if Europe: Venice, London, Amsterdam, Ostend, Carcassonne, Berlin…and also its picturesque countryside: green Irish landscapes, Scottish distilleries and haunted castles, French vines, Dutch tulip fields, Great Lake in Portugal...

On board a license free house boat, you just have to enjoy your stay at the rhythm of the water.


Photos: Xavier Gillet, Friedrich Olivier, Tourist Board,, Le Boat, FPP, Nicols, Locaboat