Vermietungsklauseln - Anjou Navigation

Zu überprüfen die Bedingungen ein anderes Boot

Hier finden Sie die Allgemeinen Geschäfts der Vermietung von Anjou Navigation , eingetragen bei der im Handelsregister von Le Mans 72 unter der Nummer 950065011 eingetragenen Firma mit Hauptsitz in 72300 SABLE.


Booking is only registered when the Company has received the completed and signed booking form (valid as a rental contract), with the 40% down payment. The booking is only valid in full when the renter has paid the total price. Non respect of the payment terms will be considered as a cancellation by the renter. The balance of the rental must be paid at the latest 6 weeks before the departure of your cruise. An invoice which is valid as confirmation is sent to the renter on receipt of the booking


The hirer undertakes to notify A N in case of loss, theft or damage to the equipment, and may be responsible for the cost of their replacement. A N cannot be held liable for loss or damage to personal property belonging to the hirer or his crew.


The amount of the deposit varies with the boat hired. It is deposited at the departure, before embarking (cash, cheque or visa). A part of it is relating to cleaning, should the boat not be returned perfectly clean. The cleaning deposit is 150 € or 200 € for the boats longer than 13 meters (N 1350, N 1310, Octo). The deposit for the boat is 1 000 € (except for the N 800, Primo and the Classic range) and it shall cover : •losses, deterioration or destruction of the boat or its equipment which is attributable to the hirer and/or the passengers, •delays in the return of the boat or fees due to the desertion of the boat, •the fuel cost. The hirer already accepts that A N withdraw the fees stated above, by means of a banking pre-authorisation or by cashing the cheque that the hirer gave as a deposit.


Third-party insurance and boat insurance are included in the hire fee. The amount of deposit is equivalent to any compensation claim. Hirers and their crew are not insured. The insurance of the hire cruiser includes accidental damage to the boat and to third parties caused by the boat. This insurance does not include personal accident/injury to the persons on board, personal belongings, the hirers own civil responsabilities, loss of or deterioration of material or equipment, or misuse of the boat by the hirer, or any accident or damage involving hired bicycles. The hirer remains his own insurer up to the amount of security deposit. In every case, the insurance will not cover the cicil responsability of the hirer, or any damage or loss or other expense resulting from driving the boat when drunk, or under the influence of drugs, or by a failure to observe the rules stated in the “code de navigation fluviale”.


Extra costs for the hirer are diesel, oil, gas for cooking and all necessary consumables for the use of the boat during your stay. The prices may vary depending on the varying petrol prices. Extra costs for staying in ports are paid by the hirer, and may vary.


The bicycles for rental are under the responsability of the boat hirer. In case of theft, the hirer is requested to make an official statement to the local police authorities and to present the original documents given by the police to the rental base. The hirer and other members of his/her party remains responsable for any dammage caused to the bicycles.


Should the hirer cancel the booking, the scheme guarantees the refund of cancellation fees due to A N, following the conditions. This guarantee is valid up to departure date and is implemented under the following conditions : serious illness, serious accident, death of a crew member, parent or child, severe damage caused to your main home, not due to your own negligence, redundancy, change of professional assignment involving removal, jury duty. This guarantee covers all crew members whose names figure on the registration form at the time of booking. Cancellation caused by any of the above reasons must be made in writing and be accompanied by the appropriate documents. The company will decide if the reason for cancallation meets the requirements. The amount of the cancallation scheme insurance is not included in any refund. Administration fees of 120 €per boat will automatically be deducted from any eventual refund.


If the hirer is obliged to cancel, the fees are as follows : more than 6 weeks before departure : 120 €in administration charges. Between 4 and 6 weeks before departure : 20 % of the hire fee. Less than 4 weeks before departure : 100 % of hire fees. If the boat can be re-let for the period concerned, you will be refunded, less 120 €in administration charges. In the case of unforeseen circumstances beyond of the control of the rental operator the hired boat is not available, all possible will be done to supply the hirer with a boat of equivalent comfort and capacity. If this is not possible within the contractual period, the rental operator will refund the rental charge, to the exclusion of all other costs, damages or interests.


If, owing to unforeseen circumstances or situations beyond our control, A N cannot provide the boat booked, we undertake to provide you with a suitable alternative. If we are unable, all fees will be totally refunded, but without any indemnisation and the hirer shall have no further claim.


A N cannot be help responsible for the interruption or restrictions to navigation owning to unforeseen circumstances (major works, floods, drought, strikes, etc... ) or administrative orders. In the case of your cruise being cancelled before the date of departure, half of your deposit will be refunded, the other half will be held in credit for a rental later in the year. If circumstances during the cruise prevent all movement of one or more days of sailing, these will be refunded. The total, half-days and accumulated days will be reduced by 24 hours in any case.


Boarding in the same region and the usual direction of single trip can be changed, even a single-destination cruise can be changed to a return trip for reasons beyond our control. Should this occur, only the extra cost of a single trip will be refunded. Hirers should telephone the base 48 hours before departure date to confirm. These changes will not in any circumstances give reason for cancellation.


The hirer commits to immediately report to A N any damage that occurred to himself/herself or to the boat. The hirer also commits to fill in the accident report and to make it filled in and countersigned by third parties. Upon a simple telephone call, each base provides a free breakdown service to the hirer. This service will arrive as quickly as possible, according to the availability of staff and material, and are available during the hours of service. No claim may be made by the hirer for any immobilization less than 24 hours. A breakdown caused by the hirer will not give him a claim to refund for loss of sailing time. The company reserves the right to retain the guarantee deposit in order to pay for eventual recovery and repair costs to the boat. A breakdown not caused by the hirer, and exceeding 24 hours will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the rental period not fullfilled. The loss of sailing time running consecutively following accident and damage to the boat during the actual rental, cannot be subject to refund of the fee, even partial, under any circumstances, unless the problem has not been caused by the hirer. In any case, a sum corresponding to 24 hours will be deducted.


The boat and its equipment must be returned to base on the day and at the time agreed contractually. The skipper/hirer must give himself sufficient time to meet the deadline. He will be financially responsible for any delay that he has caused. Duty will be paid on every day over the official rental period, corresponding to a sum equivalent to the standard price of the rental, increased by whatever charge to the company will have to pay to the following hirer.


In case of contestation, the local courts are solely competent. According to directive 90-134 of the Council of the European Community dated june 13 - 1990, the hire does not represent a package.