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Please find the general rental conditions of AQUAFLUVIAL , registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Nevers 58 under no.421209461 with registered office at 58110 BAZOLLES.

The “company” is the company renting the boat, the “hirer” is the person who signs the booking form and/or any member of his party and the “boat” is the boat which has been allocated to him by the company.

Art 1 - Booking

A boat is not booked until the completed and signed booking form together with the deposit indicated in the booking form have been received and agreen by the Company.

Art 2 - Balance of hire charge

With his booking form fully completed and signed the hirer is responsable to pay the totality of the sum of the hire charge to the Company(less the deposit) within 4 weeks before the departure. In case of cancellation whatever the reasons are, we ‘ll retain :

  • up to 3 months before departure : 500 /boat
  • from 89 to 60 days before departure : 25% of the total hire charge
  • from 59 to 28 days before departure : 50% of the total hire charge
  • from 27 to 14 days before departure : 75% of the total hire charge
  • from 13 to 0 days before departure : 100% of the total hire charge

Art 3 - Cancellation plan

The hirer is adviced to take a cancellation insurance fixed at 4% of the total hire fee (not refundable) to be paid with the deposit at time of reservation. this insurance is valid in the following circonstances : illness, death, accident, pregnancy of illness of one of the members of the party or if he has to present him or his wife to the court of the justice; or in a case of death, important accident or illness of a close relative occuring within 6 weeks prior to departure, in every case we ‘ll keep 500 Frs administration fees. In any of these cases, the hirer has to inform the Company as soon as one of these events appens to him. This insurance permits the hirer to be reimbursed in any of these cases, less 76.22 € even if something happens just before his departure, if of course he paid his balance. The cancellation plan only covers those people whose names are listed on the booking form at the time of booking.

Art 4 - Minors

No booking will be accepted from hirers under 18 years of age.

Art 5 - Navigation limits

The hirer can not navigatein zone influenced by tides or where ever it’s marked not to navigate. Navigation at night, towing other boats or doing a course is not allowed. The Company can not be held responsible for the consequences of delays or restrictions of cruising waters arising obstruction, repairs or damages to navigation works, flooding, or any other cause. She keeps the right to call back the boat if the circonstances are too dangerous. The hirer has to respect the official rules. If an infigement of these conditions is reported to the Company, The Company may reposse the boat and the hirer ‘ll be rsponsible for all axpenses inccured even in excess of the amount of the caution.

Art 6 - Insurance

The Company is responsible for the insurance of the boat and its equipment. The insurance of hirer’s third party liability as hirer of the boat. The hirer is responsible for an amount aquivalent to be security deposit for each claim or incident. The Company’s insurance does not cover the hirer’s personal belongings and the Company accepts no responsability in the event of loss or damage to hirer’s personal belongings, either on the boat or on the Company premises, unless such an accident is a result of the Company negligence or the Company staff negligence. All the persons who use the base and the equipment, buildings, ponton it on their own resposability.

Art 7 - Accident and loss of Equipment

The hirer takes the boat and is responsible. In case of an accident or damage to his boat or other boats, or the canal he has to :

  • find out the name or names of the other boats involved in the accident, as well as the name of the owners and hirers
  • bring all these facts and details as soon as possible to the Company.

No repairs can be done without the permission of the Company, the hirer is responsible for the fines given by the Authorities for eventual damages caused by his boat. The hirer undertakes to report any other damage to his boat and any equipment lost, stolen or broken on returning the boat.

Art 8 - Hire periods and routes

Departure hours are fixed between 15.00 and 18.00 Hrs on the departure day, except agreed differently by the Management. The boat should be returned on the same week-day the following week at 9H A.M in clean and tidy condition. The Company reserves the right should it be necessary for operational reasons to alter the place of embarcation and/or desembarcation, to change one-way cruise into an out and back cruise or vice-versa and such changes will not be considered as grounds of cancellation.

Art 9 - Insuitable hirers

The Company reserves the right to refuse the hand over the boat to the hirer if in the opinion of the Company the hirer is’nt able to take responsability of the boat.

Art 10 - Caution

The caution left by the hirer is to guarantee the damages or losses of the equipment of the boat. The Company can’t ask for more than the sum of 600 or 900 € . If the boat is left in a clean and good condition, the caution is given back immediatly after returning the boat to the Company. The Company declares the subscruption of an All Risk Insurance for all the boats covering :

  • damages to the boats, the accessories and dependances, the total theft of the boat or the engine. The hirer is responsable up to 600 or 900 €
  • -corporal damages or material caused by a third party (civil responsability).

The payment of the insurance is in the price of the hire fee.

The Company accepts no responsability for loss or damage to hirers’(or passengers property,bagages...The insurance does not guarantee the passengers transported on the boat for eventual accidents they can be a victim of.

Art 11 - Technical Assistance

The Company undertakes to maintain a breakdown service during normal working hours everyday of the week during the season and to attend to any breakdown or other technical incident rapidly within the context of avaible material and personnel. The hirer ‘ll have no claim against the Company as a result of any grounding or breakdown or failure of its engine or equipment and when such breakdown or failure is due to negligence of the hirer, the Company ‘ll have the right to recover from the hirer the expenses incurred in rectifying the matter.

Art 12 - Return of the boat

The boat must be return to the Company all the end of the cruise and vacated at the agreed time and place. The Company reserves the right to recover from the hirer any expenses which it has incurred as a result of late return or non return of the boat at the agreed time and place.

Art 13 - Non-arrival

At non-arrival of the hirer, without any warning, The Company is allowed to use the boat again, the following day at 12.00 am.

(Original in French Language). Please note that these conditions are not contractuel, it is a translation of the official “Conditions de location”.

Fait à baye le 1er janvier 2005