General rental conditions - Pavillon Charente

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Please find the general rental conditions of Pavillon Charente , registered with the Trade and Companies Register of La Rochelle 17 under no.502059959 with registered office at 17540 Verines.

Booking - Payment

The booking is made upon confirmation from as soon as the deposit of 40 %, and the booking form, duly completed and signed, are received. The remainder of the rental amount should be paid 6 weeks before the start of the cruise. In all cases, the payment costs should be borne by the person renting the boat. For bookings made less than 6 weeks before the start of the cruise, the whole of the amount should be paid upon booking. The payment terms for last-minute bookings shall be specified upon confirmation.


In the case of cancellation by the customer, the latter is bound to pay :

  • if more than 91 days before the departure date, 30% of the rental amount with a minimum of 100 euros.
  • between 91 days and 43 days, 40 % of the rental amount with a minimum of 100 euros.
  • less than 43 days, 100 % of the rental amount.

In order to protect the customer against the serious risks of cancellation, an insurance policy can be taken out from an independent insurance company.

Impossibility or Interruption of the cruise

Should the boat reserved be unable to sail, or if the departure is impossible due to reasons beyond the hirer's control (force majeure) such as work on the waterways, flooding, drought, strike ..., the hirer shall endeavour to propose another boat, another departure point, or other dates at an equivalent period. The customer shall be neither reimbursed nor compensated. These same provisions apply in the case of interruption of the cruise for the same reasons.

Ability - Undertaking and liability

The captain must be 18 years old or more. He is liable for the boat and the equipment trusted to him, and declares that he has the physical and intellectual conditions necessary. The crew must be able to pilot. The hirer reserves the right to refuse to rent the boat if the customer does not seem capable of ensuring the liability. Such refusal will not give rise to any reimbursement or compensation. The customer undertakes to use the boat correctly by respecting the regulations of the navigation services, the French police and the police in the countries visited. The customer undertakes to only board the number of people authorised and to only use the boat for pleasure purposes, excluding all professional activities. Towing boats, sailing after dark, sailing in sea-waters, sub-rental, loaning are all strictly forbidden. The customer alone shall be liable for any court action, lawsuit, fines and confiscations taken on by the navigation services and incurred by him, if he was at fault.


Pets are allowed, but you are liable for them. Do not use the crockery or bedding of the boat for them. A small complementary fee shall be required upon departure, or the payment of the cleaning shall be at your cost.


The boat, its fitting-out and its equipment are insured. However, the customer is responsible for all damage within the limit of the security bond. The insurance of the boat or of the rental company does not cover personal damage to participants or the loss or damage to their belongings (various equipment, luggage, car ...). Any loss or damage to equipment entrusted by the hirer should be borne by the customer and shall be billed.

Breakdown - Accident

In the case of a breakdown or accident, the customer must inform the hirer immediately. A breakdown and assistance service is available during the usual opening hours according to the availability of staff and equipment. Deprival of the use further to breakdowns or accidents shall not be reimbursed, unless the hirer's liability is proved. In this case, an excess of 24 hours shall be applied. If the breakdown or accident is caused by the customer, the costs linked to interventions and repairs shall be borne by him.

Return of the boat

Upon his return, the customer must immediately inform the hirer of his presence, in order to check the equipment and inspect the boat; the customer is bound to return the boat and its complete equipment in a clean and good working condition. Otherwise, cleaning costs shall be billed, as well as any costs for damaged or missing equipment. The customer is bound to return to the landing point stipulated within the agreed time; any lateness shall be penalised by a fine.

Law applicable to the agreement

These rental conditions comply with the river tourism charter. In the case of litigation, the French law shall apply and the relevant court shall be that of the hirer. Moreover, as this version is a translation, only the French version shall be binding.