Your boat : Pénichette 1500 R F 3 étoiles


Self-drive Pénichette for from 8 to 12 people. The Pénichette 1500 R is comfortable to welcome a family or a group of friends.

4 cabins

Sleeping capacity: 2/12

Dimensions: 15 X 3.85 m

Interior equipment: - 4 cabins, 4 with double bed, possibility to put a bunk bed in two cabins.
- Living room convertible into double bed (or single bed).
- 2 showers, 2 electric toilets
- Inside steering position.
- Bow thruster.
- Single internal level.
- Two large opening roofs.
- Back terrace.
- Fridge: 160l
+ Freezer: 40l
- 12V on cigarette lighter socket
- Electricity: 230V on board from electrical connector.
- Hob.
- Oven


Available in:

Prices 2019 (in Euros)

Different rates can be offered depending on the composition of the crew, duration, season or place of your cruise. The cheapest rate will be calculated for you when you provide us with all necessary information.

from 3/13
to 4/9
from 4/10
to 4/30
from 5/1
to 6/4
from 6/5
to 6/25
from 6/26
to 7/16
from 7/17
to 8/13
from 8/14
to 8/20
from 8/21
to 9/3
from 9/4
to 9/17
from 9/18
to 9/24
from 9/25
to 11/16

Here are permanent discounts you can benefit by renting this boat in certain conditions:

  • Family discount :  5% discount when there is one child under 18 on board.
    10% discount when there are at least two children under 18 onboard on the day of departure.
    Valid for any duration, all periods (except in Czech Republic : only for one week rental minimum)

    Belgium : for one week rental minimum (except for the Ryner Cruiser 1400 model) : 10% discount for two persons with children under 16.
    Except in : Cahors, Woubrugge, Ireland, Poland. Pont à Bar and Redon: only for one week rental minimum, in Fürstenberg and Potsdam : only for one week rental minimum (not applicable to family rate).
    In Italy : no discount.
  • Flotilla discount :  5% discount when 2 boats are cruising together.
    10% discount when 3 boats are cruising together.
    15% discount when 4 boats or more are travelling together.

    Except in : Pont à Bar, Ireland, Poland. In Furstenberg and Potsdam : 5% discount when 2 boats are cruising together and 8% discount when 3 boats or more are traveling together. In Spain : 7% discount when 2 boats are cruising together.
  • Long term hire :  From 8 to 14 nights :
    5 % discount

    From 15 to 21 nights :
    10 % discount

    From 22 to 28 nights :
    15 % discount

    More from 29 nights :
    20 % discount

    Except in : Italy, Irlande. In Pont à Bar : 5% discount from 14 to 20 days, 7% discount for more
    than 20 days, 10% discount for more than 27 days. In Woubrugge : 10% discount on the entire stay if 14 days or more. On the boats Kormoran, Vetus 1200 K3 and in Germany (excluding Potsdam and Fürstenberg) : 10% discount for the 2nd week, 15% discount for the 3rd week and 20% discount for the 4th week. In Fürstenberg and Potsdam : 5% discount for 2 weeks, 10% for 3 weeks and more
  • Loyalty discount :  3% from the second reservation; 5% from the third (may be combined with other offers).
  • 10% discount for couples :  Available when there are only two persons onboard the following boats, for any period, any duration
    Budget fleet : Espade 930. Renaud 8000 (except in Cahors). Espade 850 Fly. Penichette 935. Eau Claire 930 (in Redon only for 1 week minimum). Eau Claire 930 Fly.
    Classic fleet : Triton 860 (except in Cahors, Italy. Redon : only for bookings of 1 week minimum). Triton 860 Fly. Nicol’s 900. Linssen Vlet 1030. Linssen Yacht 36. Haines Rive 34. Viking 1000.
    Premium fleet : Tarpon 37 Duo Prestige (except in Germany)

    In Belgium : for one week rental minimum (except for the Ryner Cruiser 1400 model) : 10% discount for two persons
  • Senior discount :  A 6% discount when there is at least 1 person over 60 onboard. Valid for all types of booking (except period E and F) (in Redon and Czech Republic : for minimum one week bookings only. In Furstenberg and Potsdam : Discount applied all season except on the price for a couple for the Tarpon 37 Duo Prestige)

    Except in : Cahors, Pont à Bar, Woubrugge, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Poland, on the Kormoran and Vetus 1200 K3 boats and in Germany (excluding Potsdam and Fürstenberg).
  • Combining discounts. :  All discount can be added up without exceeding 15% for minimum one week bookings (except in Belgium, Poland. In Furstenberg and Potsdam : Maximum 10% on the price for a couple for the
    Tarpon 37 Duo Prestige) and 15% for less than one week bookings (except in : Cahors, Redon, Italy, Czech Republic, Kormaron and Vetus 1200 K3 boats and in Germany).

Fare conditions

The rental rates of the boat include:

The rental of the boat with its equipment, crockery, linen (except in some boats), insurance, navigation toll, gas, instruction of navigation and the technical assistance.

The rental rates of the boat do not include in all cases:

Fuel of the motor and the boiler. Deposit. Food supply. Different options like Bicycle, garage for your car...

Additional information:

Hourly navigation rate: 13.25€/motor hour.
Security deposit: 1200 €
Cruise Plus insurance (opcional): 144€/week
Final Cleaning (optional): 183€
Liberty Cruise Pack (optional): 833€/week
The price includes one bike of the basic range, the hourly navigation rate, the final cleaning of the boat at the end of the cruise (inside and outside) and the cruise plus insurance
Bike rental: 6€/week
Public car park: free
Locked and closed car park but uncovered (optional): From 21€ to 40€/Week
Garage (optional): From 42€ to 60€/Week
One-way supplement: from 100€ to 130€ depending on th boats
Car transfer (optional): From 68 € to 155 € according to itineraries
Shuttle with driver (optional): From 56 € to 177 € per person according to itineraries
12V/220 V converter: 10€
Towel set (1 bath towel+ 2 towels): 6€/set
Tea towel set (set of 3 pieces): 2€/set
Sleeping kit (2 sheets + 2 pillow cases): 7€/set
BBQ, Plancha (grill plate): from 10€ to 35€/week
Internet access: 5€ + price of the credit according to the numbers of hours wanted
Pet: 30€ (no extra charge on certain bases)

In order to protect the tenant against the serious risks of cancellation, an insurance is offered by an independent company. Consult the conditions of the cancellation insurance.

General rental conditions